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            MODEL                WEIGHT             HOOK SIZE       The best flipping jig on the market for a
                                                                    reason. This jig catches fish in a multitude of
            WE38FLJ           3/8oz / 16.46g            4/0         ways such as swimming, skipping, flipping, and
            WE12FLJ           1/2oz  /  19.61g          5/0
                                                                    dragging. Features a hand-tied skirt, stout
                                                                    black nickel hook and a dual chambered rattle.

                              121 GREEN PUMPKIN ORANGE                            155 BLACK BLUE
                              AVAILABLE IN 3/8oz                                  AVAILABLE IN 1/2oz

                                                                                                  120 BROWN PURPLE
                                                                                                  AVAILABLE IN 3/8oz

                      115 CALI 420
                      AVAILABLE IN 1/2oz

          UNDER SPIN

            MODEL                    WEIGHT                          BLADE TYPE/SIZE                    HOOK SIZE
            WE12US                1/2oz / 16.46g                    #4 Willow Hammered                      4/0
            WE38US                3/8oz / 12.06g                   #3.5 Willow Hammered                     5/0
          This underspin is unlike any other due to the unique plastic keeper system that puts all others to
          shame, also add in the high quality hammered blade and cable guard for a combination made in big
          bass heaven.

              1 PEARL WHITE                                         2 SMOKEY JOE
              AVAILABLE IN 1/2oz | 3/8oz                            AVAILABLE IN 1/2oz | 3/8oz
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